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    Quality & Scale

    Media 122 is your partner for quality desktop, mobile and Connected TV supply for brands seeking in-stream and out-stream video inventory. Media 122 works directly with publishers and can work within any publisher restrictions including exclusives and ads.txt only.

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    Higher Rates & Higher Fill

    Media 122 provides a one stop solution for quality publishers to yield the highest monetization for their desktop, mobile video and CTV inventory. Our publisher team has been buying, packaging and promoting publisher inventory since 2001. We have well established and trusted advertiser relationships that enable our publishers to sell their inventory at higher rates with higher fill percentages.


    Media 122 has deep and long established demand partner relationships. Through our programmatic integrations, direct demand integrations and direct advertiser campaigns, we make sure your inventory is filled at the highest rates and the highest percentage of fill.

  • What Sets Us Apart?

    What makes us unique?

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    Keep It Real

    Our inventory is scanned daily by Moat, White Ops and Forensiq. By using multiple quality verification tools, Media 122 ensures that impressions bought are of the highest quality for our advertisers.

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    Size Matters

    Media 122 sees over 5 Billion monthly ad opportunities. But scale does not matter without quality. Media 122 gives advertisers transparent, quality inventory at scale and pricing that meets all brands needs.

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    Better Than Human

    Ability to deliver desktop, mobile, and connected TV campaigns in one place, while the technology optimizes to optimal performance for both advertisers and publishers in virtual real-time. 

  • About Us

    Media 122 was founded to create a premium digital media company that ensures the highest quality of inventory and demand for its advertisers and publishers. Due to our approach, the company has grown to one of the largest providers of high quality online and mobile video inventory, enabling our demand partners, agencies and brand clients to flourish. Media 122 and our publishers deliver what advertisers want and need; transparency, brand safety, performance and maximum value across all screens.

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